The Chase

The Chase

Beginning is always the hardest part.

Starting out with no clue what you might be getting yourself into.

Not knowing whether you will have the right words to say or if you will be understood.

The unknown is enchanting but frightening.

Dreams seem possible as long as they are still just dreams.

Sometimes dreaming is the greatest distraction. No fear of losing since you do not possess.

Then you meet him.

Are given the opportunity. Have the chance to make your dreams reality.

So begins the Chase.

You want, you desire, you envision. You are given the tenacity to make your dreams come true.

You realize it is possible. Anything is possible.

You take down your walls.

You fall for him.

Take the opportunity. Make the necessary steps toward your dream.

The Chase.

The hope, the drive, the butterflies. This is what it is all about. The feeling you get at the start.

Then you begin to second-guess.

What makes this time different?

You remember how nice dreaming about Prince Charming was.

Is this him? Is this your happily ever after?

You want it to be. You feel you need to make it reality. You are done with dreaming.

The Chase.

You are tentative but still falling.

There are no guarantees.

You work. You strive. You achieve. But what is missing?

Is there always something missing?

The Chase.

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