¡Adiós Chicos, Hola Madrid!

“I am crazy. I’m having the time of my life in EUROPE & I’m writing about a stupid boy…”

¡Adiós chicos, hola Madrid!

Putting the perpetual boy thoughts aside, I took up writing about my actual first experiences in Spain. After two and a half days in this magnificent city, I wrote, “it feels like we have been here for a month.” The day we arrived in Madrid we took a bus tour of the city and it was a great way to see all of the major landmarks in a short time. We didn’t get out of the bus, but instead we were site-seeing through the windows. It ended up being a unique perspective to experience the city from for the first time as well as a blessing because there were intermittent rain showers that day.

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When we got back from the bus tour, we were starving so we went out to our very first dinner in Spain. I still remember the restaurant we chose to go to vividly. It’s funny the things our brain can remember and the memories that make a lasting impact on us. The food in Madrid fue INCRÉIBLE! It quickly became clear that I had a palate for Spanish food. It would be impossible to write about all of the tapas we ordered but just know that 99% of them were delicious throughout our whole time in Spain.

Ashley and I ate more than ten different types of meat in two days – pretty neat. We tried madrid-8.jpg
anything & everything new and different to us and so far we had not been disappointed. The worst thing I ate was torro…which is bull in Spanish. I had to spit it out – that’s how much I did not like it! But, of course, this is my personal taste buds & many people in Spain enjoy this delicacy. The best thing I ate up to this point…hm…there was so much I did like. I really enjoyed these little potatoes with this special sauce in them (pretty sure they were called papitas). But honestly, I enjoyed almost all of the food I ate! Oh and the foie……YUM. This is a must-order in Spain. Yes, it is goose liver but it is incredibly delicious.

I despise the taste of alcohol but I tried the red and pink wine with my friend Ashley. Needless to say, I hated both of them. Alcohol is not for me.

Madrid-6After dinner, we went back to the hotel to get some much needed rest. I remember arriving at our hotel and being extremely surprised by the extravagance of it. I had this perception that our standard of living was going to decrease dramatically. This was thanks to the fact that at our pre-study abroad meetings they basically engrained in our brains that Spain is very different from America and that we should not expect the same comforts we experience at home – even warning us that we would probably not have hot running water or air conditioning in our home-stays.

Well, lemme tell ya, this hotel far outreached my expectations. It felt like we were staying in a classy resort. My first perception of Spain was that it was not entirely different from America, but I also realized that this was because we were in a big city. Big cities in Europe usually possess similar, westernized options that retain the comforts from home – no doubt to make travelers feel comfortable. I learned this quickly.




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