First Taste of Europe

Crossing the Atlantic-2After inclement weather delays at the Miami airport, it was clear that Ashley and I would not make our connecting flight in Newark on our original flight. But no fear! After traveling on my own on countless occasions, I called up United and got us upgraded to a classy Lufthansa flight (which made our trip across the Atlantic that much more exciting).

Even with a bit of an unfortunate start, as soon as Ashley and I were en route to Frankfurt, Germany – it was all but forgotten. This was my first time on a double decker plane or even a plane this nice. I was blown away by its sheer size and we were even offered alcohol three times haha. For a first trip to Europe and despite some complications, this was turning out better than we could have even imagined.

I loved that the airline spoke everything in German first, it made the experience that much more authentic. I even wrote in my diary,

“I think the highlight of this flight so far was having one of the flight attendants speak to me, completely in German, to put the window down in the early morning.”

Obviously its the little things in life like a German flight attendant that knows english thinking maybe I speak German which make me happy.

Frankfurt, Germany was the first location I stepped foot on european ground. I remember feeling as though I was still in America except that throughout the airport, signs were written in both German and English. I made it a goal then and there to learn as much German and Spanish I could on my journey – and try to pick up as many other languages as I could too.


I even made my first european purchase here! An Evian water bottle covered in German words. My first taste of Europe was some quality mineralwasser. I was ecstatic. Again, its the little things.

From Frankfurt we headed out to the last leg of our journey – Madrid, Spain. Ashley and I promised that once we landed in Spain that we would only communicate in Spanish with one another. We would soon find out how difficult this would be, but we were dedicated! Spanish mode was almost upon us and we could not wait.



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