Crossing the Atlantic

And so the journey begins!

Or in this case, began. Being as I am late to the blogging game, I will be reminiscing on my adventurous summer backpacking through Europe in retrospect.

Thousands of people write about their experiences mastering the Eurorail and overcoming language barriers, but hopefully you can find something intriguing or at least helpful from my personal experience as well. At this point I feel as if I am writing mainly for myself anyways, so here begins the journey (of me putting to words the emotions, encounters, and memories I had last summer)!

Processed with VSCO with a6 presetAfter spending my last night in Gainesville the most American way possible with line-dancing and bull-riding, I began the excursion that would change my perspective forever. I headed to Clearwater, FL to spend a couple days with my grandparents before the drive to Miami commenced. The excitement I felt was nearly tangible. I would be traveling with one of my best friends, Ashley (pictured below), and we could not wait to hop on the plane and get to Spain!

God orchestrated our study abroad experience from the get-go because fun fact: Ashley IMG_8128and I both signed up for the trip without the other’s knowledge that we did so. You can bet that was one of the best surprises. We were going to Europe together! You see movies & read books about best friends taking on a wild European adventure together….little did we know we would be able to write a story of our own.

Before taking off for Europe, I decided I wanted a little change in my life (more change than spending the whole summer in a foreign land). I had already set the goal to not use social media during my study abroad program so I figured I could try something new. I chose to dye my hair & if it looked horrible, oh well. I would be surrounded by complete strangers! With that mentality, I went from bleach blond to a light brownish blond. This was a big step for me because I LOVE my hair completely blond.

I didn’t love the change but I didn’t hate it either. For the first time in a long time, I somewhat drastically changed the way I looked & felt empowered. I remember posting “I heard guys like blonds but I haven’t had any luck so decided to try something new” – or something along those lines. Completely unnecessary and childish but it made for a good Instagram caption.

Strangely enough, my hair faded extremely quickly and I was back to a dark blond within a week. By the end of the summer, I was back to being completely bleach blond again. I guess my hair likes being blond as much as I do!

With all that being said, I took off to Spain with new hair, new confidence, and the determination to make this summer the best one yet.

Crossing the Atlantic

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