First blog post

The title of this template blog post will remain unchanged due to the fact that 1) I am not creative, 2) I do not know the first thing about starting or writing a blog, and 3) I can not even give you a remote idea of what the main theme of this blog will be. As its URL suggests, there will be constant underlying themes of patriotism & most likely my personal opinions on political issues. But, just like in my own life, there will also be sporadic references to whatever suits my fancy that day. For example, I love pictures – so expect a ton of poorly edited photography, I have an emotional reaction to almost every TV show or movie I watch – so expect random posts about my current feelings, and I love Jesus – so expect a lot of references to God and potentially an existential crisis or two.

The reason I am starting this blog is not to become a famous blogger. In fact, at this point in time, I am not even sure if I will share my blog via my current social media platforms. This ultimately leads to the interesting game of seeing who will discover my blog. I am not against anyone finding out that it is indeed my own, but I am also aware that I am not the best writer. I feel as though I share my true thoughts & feelings more honestly as a completely anonymous source but the paragraph below dictates why I should claim this blog as my own.

I created this blog solely because of Hugh Hewitt’s advice in his book titled A Guide To Christian Ambition: Using Career, Politics, and Culture to Influence the World. This book is full of sound advice and has had a profound effect on me as a woman pursuing a position of influence. The title of Chapter 32 clearly states a factor Hewitt believes is of the utmost importance to gaining influence, “Start and Maintain a Web Log (Blog).” He writes, “your blog will display you to the world” and “the advantage of blogging is that it will oblige you to live in the world of ideas and debates.”

christian ambition

Thoroughly willing to live in the world of ideas and debates, I have thus created my own beginner blog. I have followed much of Hugh Hewitt’s advice to this day and I aim to continue to do so. You can expect to read more about this spectacular book in coming posts, no doubt. There are certain novels that elicit a special sense of purpose and inspiration in all of us and A Guide to Christian Ambition is certainly one of those books for me. I give it a strong 10/10.

Here begins my blogging experience! I am excited to share it with you.

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