Advice For College Freshman

Live a life that demands an explanation. Be so unselfish, driven, and dedicated that people have to try to figure out what makes you so different. While your college years will be an amazing portion of your life, they are just that, a portion, and at that, a very small portion. Instead of going through […]

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The Chase

The Chase Beginning is always the hardest part. Starting out with no clue what you might be getting yourself into. Not knowing whether you will have the right words to say or if you will be understood. The unknown is enchanting but frightening. Dreams seem possible as long as they are still just dreams. Sometimes […]

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¡Adiós Chicos, Hola Madrid!

“I am crazy. I’m having the time of my life in EUROPE & I’m writing about a stupid boy…” ¡Adiós chicos, hola Madrid! Putting the perpetual boy thoughts aside, I took up writing about my actual first experiences in Spain. After two and a half days in this magnificent city, I wrote, “it feels like […]

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Superficialness Aside

To be honest, going to Europe was more than just the thrill of going on a backpacking adventure. I hated admitting this even in my journal, but the past year at the University of Florida had been a long one. Yes, there were some incredibly great moments! Moments I will remember forever (and with time, […]

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First Taste of Europe

After inclement weather delays at the Miami airport, it was clear that Ashley and I would not make our connecting flight in Newark on our original flight. But no fear! After traveling on my own on countless occasions, I called up United and got us upgraded to a classy Lufthansa flight (which made our trip […]

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Crossing the Atlantic

And so the journey begins! Or in this case, began. Being as I am late to the blogging game, I will be reminiscing on my adventurous summer backpacking through Europe in retrospect. Thousands of people write about their experiences mastering the Eurorail and overcoming language barriers, but hopefully you can find something intriguing or at […]

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First blog post

Hugh Hewitt’s book titled A Guide To Christian Ambition is full of sound advice and has had a profound effect on me as a woman pursuing a position of influence. The title of Chapter 32 clearly states a factor Hewitt believes is of the utmost importance to gaining influence, “Start and Maintain a Web Log (Blog).” He writes, “your blog will display you to the world” and “the advantage of blogging is that it will oblige you to live in the world of ideas and debates.” Hence, I have become a baby blogger.

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